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Cost Action BM1105 meetings


COST Office, Brussels, Belgium

5 April 2012


Management committee and Core Working Groups           

COST Office, Brussels, Belgium

11-12 Feb 2013


Working Group Chairs

Paris, France

23-24 Jun 2013


Working Group Chairs                                                                           

Lille, France

6 Sep 2013


Management Committee, Working Groups and Scientific Meeting

Berlin, Germany

5 Mar 2014         Management Committee and Working Group Meetings

6-8 Mar 2014     Combined Scientific/Training School Meeting


Clinical Group Leaders Meeting

London, UK

June 29th-30th, 2014


Patient Advocate Meeting

London, UK

August 15, 2014


Training and Education Group Meeting

Dublin, Ireland

September 18, 2014

Management Committee Meeting

Prato, Italy

April 26, 2015

Working Group Meetings / Scientific Meeting / Training School

Prato, Italy

27-29 April 2015

For questions concerning reimbursements for ANY meeting please contact James Spencer.